About Me

Great Facts about me

Name: Sarah Kiki Nyanzi
Birth Day: August 15th
Born in: Uganda
Raised: Uganda then the UK
Continents Lived: Africa and UK

What I do best: Speaking, Writing, encouraging others in God,
Other Profession: PA to Head of Access & Urgent Care and Head of Nursing
Hobbies: Traveling, writing, blogging, nature, walking, cooking, writing history, laughing

Vision/Purpose: For others to know their value in Christ therefore fulfilling their purpose.

Founder: IReflectMedia. Organisation to help young people value themselves

Owner: IReflectValue Boutique Store
Favourite things to do: Taking a walk where there are trees on sunny morning (especially in autumn and in spring) as I speak to the lord
Favourite place to be: Places where I can put my feet in the ocean as the sunsets with my dairy
Dream Vacation: Bora Bora- anywhere where I can admire nature. I love scenery.

Greeting From Me To You

Hello and welcome to my official blog site. I am so happy to have you on here. This has been a dream of mine for such a long time that I am excited to share my journey with you. The reason for this blog is for one thing and one thing only and that is for you and me to inspire and encourage each other on this journey we call life. I desire to inspire and embolden you on your journey with the lord, with difficulties that might arise and in the relationship you have with yourself. Am sure you will agree with me that everyone on this planet is precious and valuable, however not everyone knows this, and for some of us we need a gentle reminder of our value in the lord and this is what this site is for. As many of you can see I am a Christian, and this is a Christian blog that is geared to lift you up, encourage you, help you, and push you closer to Jesus. Therefore, whether you are a Christian or not, I want to encourage you to share your journey and story with me and others. You never know your story could help and motivate someone else to overcome something or someone could be stirred to reply back to you with an encouraging word.

My Personal Testimony

Well, if I share the whole of my testimony it will be a book, so I will keep it short. I was a young girl who grow up in Uganda and at the age of nine come to the UK with my whole family. However, from a young age there wasn’t a real sense of my self- worth and value. I did not even know that this was my problem as a child, I assumed everyone was like me. So as you can imagine a young girl growing up in a western society where relationships are portrayed wrongly on T.V; where self-image in the media and magazines is based on the outside no the inside; definitely frame a wrong mind-set about myself because I did not know my identity in the lord. Although I had this issue of not knowing my value, I somehow managed to get through school, sixth form and university with flying colours with a lot of wrong attitudes and behaviours in-between.

However, something was still missing in my life, and it was during my third year of university (University of Kent) in May 2012, a few months before I was about to graduate that I cried out to the lord in my room to help me. By 2012 I was a heart broken girl but I did not know what was wrong, I did not know that I needed a saviour even though I was a Christian. That was when I cried out to the lord for a change. I told him I needed him, that I believed in him and It was there and then that I was filled with the holy spirit and with his love. It was there that I felt real unconditional love for the first time; it was there that it all made sense. It was there that I found myself in Christ and my value; it was there I started to know who I really was.

Answering the call to share my story with others

I looked in his word and I saw that he made me perfect in Christ, that he sent Christ to take way my shame, sin, wrongness and confusion about identity. When I realised what I was missing all this time, the lord spoke to me and showed me to share the same good news to others especially about their value. This is because when a person knows who they are in Christ; they are whole and can influence others correctly and push them closer to their purpose. So, this is why I blog, write, speak and encourage others, because I was one of those people who needed self-value but I did not have a picture of it until someone introduced to me who Christ was. So, let’s do it, let’s share self-value with each other and with every person we meet. Feel free to comment on the blogs, share your stories, ask me questions and together we can enjoy this journey called life. Lastly I wanted to say I love you, you are special and valuable, and because of that there is something in you that you can do really well on this earth that will help and inspire others and this blog is supposed to push you closer to know the real you.

I Love you and I am Praying for you

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