Beautiful Saviour

I remember the first day we MET

I was hooked, weighty on the inside, in the heavens.

A soul that was so empty was now full of LOVE.

I remember when I realised you were REAL.

Jesus, my saviour, that you actually lived, and died for me

It’s no lie, no myth, no made up story. Jesus is my BEAUTIFUL saviour.

I remember the first time I heard you tell me that you LOVED me

Words so heavy and full of substance:

Warm, understood, beautified by his love, ACCEPTED.

I remember when you FILLED me.

Visions, Joy, excitement, miraculous power.

For the first time I was not alone, yes with him I will never cower.

I remember the first time you CALLED my name.


“Speak lord your servant is listening”.

Amazed, satisfied, excited, this FELLOWSHIP is truly AMAZING.

I remember when we started walking HAND in HAND

You made me a blessing, a glorious wonder, strong yet wise in every situation.

Radiant, metaphorsed , spring in my step.

Holy Spirit you are my everything.

You inspire me and tell me anything.

You are everything beautiful.

Jesus I am yours, yes my cup is full.

My wonderful saviour.

Yes, You are all that I need.

My beautiful saviour.

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