Beautiful trust

He trusts me, My God, he trusts me.

The Fourth Man he has made me.

Let me explain what I mean.

We are the fourth man saving men from the fire.

Fishing them out of the enemy’s hook, no we don’t tire.

Wow what honour to be his ambassador.

Can I tell you what it means to be his ambassador, the fourth man?

We are the trusted, the mature sons of God.

Called by him as worthy, his most excellent candidates.

Trusted by God to preserve life

Honoured by him to alter destinies

Eternity on our minds, oh wait that’s why we are here.

To ensure that the gospel is heard by every ear.

Yes, preserving souls is greatest joy

The lord working with us, there’s no need to be coy.

Adding more members to this beautiful body.

What awesome responsibility for preserving life is our only meat,

And Declaring Jesus is the only thing that keeps us fixed.

Since the gospel is the greatest news to the nations

Be the news bringer on every station.

Our case is right indeed and it’s all that counts.

We have counted the cost and do all we can.

Who wants to enjoy the reward in heaven with only a few?

So, lets run with the gospel not just sit on the pew.

For it is God desire that every person is saved.

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