Papa planned it all out before.
He planned our success before we walked the shore.
Early on He saw you in Christ,
Ohh what a beautiful revelation for us to know.

Before he had un-measurable thoughts of you and me.
Before we were substance, in him were Spirit to Spirit. And he foreknew who we would be. Before you took your first breath, he chose you, Beloved he approved of you.
The devil may ask why? I say it was because of his kind Intent.
Aren’t you so glad that you and him met?

Those that have experienced this shout: YEA it pleased him so.
“And you also say it’s true, Daddy loved me before”
He foreknew your illumination, your empowerment and destined your Leadership.
Then he sent YOU as a sign and a SEASON.
Yes, my dear you are the REASON.

Today we are the light. Today our path is Bright.
Today we walk in his ways Were illuminated all the time giving him praise.
In our mission fields we show others their BEFORE.
We produce lights now and tell them what they need to know.
This is because we are aware of the triumph, the light, the beauty, the glory he accomplished and finished BEFORE.

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