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How can Sarah Help you succeed?
As you know Sarah is also who is ready to help you in various ways to help individuals, school and corporations grow to their fullest potential.
Below are the various platforms I am involved in.

  1. Youth Training Development: School Assemblies on self-value, one2one mentoring session, classroom sessions. Ideas covered: Self-value, eating right, exercise, bullying, violence, confidence, purpose, education, dreams, exam preparation and many more.
  2. Self-Value School Workshops: Available for Primary and Secondary schools, Sixth forms and Colleges workshops include:
    • Individual Reflection, Level 1: The “Individual Reflection” workshop encourages young people in who they really are. It teaches them how to accept themselves as a whole, unique and special Hidden Treasure, Level 2: Our “Hidden Treasure” workshop enlightens the youth with the truth that each and every one of them is gifted and talented.
    • Dream Big Workshops, Level 3: The ‘Dream Big’ Workshops proceeds after the “Hidden Treasure” training where the youth at all stages are trained in knowing their purpose, setting goals in life.
    • Teacher/Leaders Training/Staff Training: Our “Give Value” staff training sessions are great for primary, secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges whose aim is to help improve the academic environment for their students.
      More information can be found on our youth website:
  3. Team empowerment Self-Value Training: Available for government leaders, school leaders, business owners and Team members of your company or service, managers and many more
  4. Advertise and review your work: This available for individual who need to promote their work that is geared at helping others to succeed. These can be a book, a service, an idea, a product or a business that is geared to changing the lives of others for the better. This is mostly done on my you tube show and upcoming TV show.

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