Just as I had given up- this love tagged on my heart again

It was like I was feeling it for the very first time

I had forgotten how soft and sweet it was

How powerful and exciting it was

How it melted me with one touch,

That smile had me, I was hooked.

There’s  a love out there that is exceptional.

This love changes you, how can you stay the same

When we accept exceptional love we are never the same

Just with one look, one word and I am blown away

I forgot how beautiful is was

I didn’t think it was possible to experience such love

But it exists and it is exceptional

It’s the love that makes you want to change

It’s a love that is selfless

A love that respects and loves beyond faults

Not many have found it,

Some have never experienced it

Others are looking for it all around the world.

It’s love that makes you want to be a better version on yourself

It’s a love that includes strong sexual attraction

It’s a love that sacrifices for another

It’s intense and electrifying

This love also goes beyond the outside and connects to the spirit

It loves the soul of the person

Exceptional love imprints and doesn’t let go.

It’s real, it exists and I believe I will have it one day.

Written by Sarah Kiki Nyanzi

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  1. Papa Kwabena 15/08/2017 at 5:21 am

    Great write up. Love is always an adventure and a commitment to build the object of your love through words and actions to realize their full potential. Well done.
    And Happy birthday.

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