Extravagant Love: The Lord & My Mr, A Conversation.

I came out of the train station and suddenly the Sky was decorated and bursting with colour JUST FOR ME.
This romantic colour, Shades of orange painted by his majesty for his love.
Sometime later that week; I was walking home one stormy night and a beautiful “hello I hope you are having a treat day touched my ears.” Arranged just for me.

Gifts and gestures of your boundless LOVE. Yes, I am heavily romanced.
Your love for me is always on display and in elaborate so many ways.
It explodes like an orchestra’s grand opening.
And as always My heart is touched by every symphony of your voice.

No matter the destination, the country; I stand amazed that your love for me is unending.
The Truth is you’re my secret place. Yes, Jesus your heart is my home.
I adore the way your heart beats for me.
I am astounded by the surprises you do just for me.

Oh, heavily romanced is an underestimate, yet your gestures can never be outdated.
Taking me on the wildest, breath-taking adventures. Yes, Jesus I will go anywhere with you. So, teach me to always hold your hand. May my heart yearn for you always Jesus
May we take as many soul’s together home.

Forever with you, Together with you, Hand in hand with you. My lord, My friend, my Love.

Part 2- My Personal Warrior- Telling God about my Love.

And Now here comes my MR, Your favourite choice for me.
Strong, Handsome, How my heart bursts with colour at the mention of his name. He is learning love romance from you,
Yes I know it, for he pursues me in ways only you could know.

I am like a stunning garden that he tenderly nourishes.
With sunsets of “you are altogether beautiful my darling, there’s no flow in you.”
He knows just the right amount of rain to release and in the right seasons.

Like Jesus washes the church daily, My Mr does the same with me.
You would think he’s trying to outdo you Lord haha. But who can out love you right? I mean you are the author of love. For he can only learn from you Jesus.

So, the lord shares secrets to my heart with my Mr, his friend. Old tricks if you will.
Taking me to places to look at the sunrise. Hmm the rays are the lord telling me: “Good morning”.
With the purple skies in sight we go on an evening stroll.
Reminding me of the love he has for me so I always walk Tall.
Telling me of the beauty that you have bestowed upon me with him i can never fall.

Igniting more passion and leading me to embrace the WOMAN you created.
Directing me in ways the always intended.
Desires for me to change the world with him until eternity.

My Mr has a strength that my soul loves. And His heart; what a wonderful gift you have given me to look after.
The same heart that causes so much later.
I know his heart truly loves me & so do I.

Exploring your heart and knowing you is gift, a divine set by God himself.
I am thankful to God for the covering you are.
For protecting me, for guiding me, for exploring the beauty of my spirit, soul & body.

You romance me like the lord, how can I refuse this extravagant m love: my husband, my friend my beautiful man…

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