Holy Spirit – A Psalm of Worship

Sweet is he,
Yet Sugar doesn’t compare to him.
Warm is he and I keep growing in his presence.
Dear Holy Spirit you make me glow.
Powerful is my God, yes, I want you to know.

He loves me so, but 7 years ago I didn’t know.
Holy Spirit you inspire me.
Holy spirit you move me.
How wonderful you are to me lord
How glorious your presence is?
It’s a water fall on my back
Your gentle breeze is ever so delightful.

Heart to heart is all I live for
My heart beats with yours oooo.
I love the way you love me
Nothing can ever compare to it.
Nobody can compete with you.

Every day you tell me you love me. And whisper flowing diamonds in my ear
Yes, secrets I can never share.
Your mighty arms surround me
Warm- ecstasy- secure- safe
Apple of his eye I am, always on-top
Always beautiful, always radiate

Thank for promoting me
For your beautiful wisdom
You’re my best friend.
You can handle anything I cast to you.
What capacity you have my Lord
It’s incalculable, its inestimable

Holy ghost may the church talk about you.
May the church embrace and love you.
Holy Spirit we are your partners.
You deserve every praise.
You deserve every honour.
My Lord, my everything.

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