L .I .F .E (Loving, Inseparable, Forever, Everlasting)

To know him is to Live.

And in him I live & move & have my being. It is christ that has ordained me to be this person i am today so how can i regret who he made me to be? I cannot but rejoice.

This life is mighty, it is victorious, it is an overcoming life, this life that i have it is eternal, it is everlasting, it is full. Jesus the second adam is my favourite person I no longer care about what the first adam did, because i know what the second adam has accomplished in me.

And this life that i have it is great, it is real, it is big in me, it does not fail, it does not die, it does not cower when challenges come but it moves forward. This life in me is eternal life, it is JESUS. It is available to you so don’t waste, don’t wait another day to receive this life because it is what you need to live the life that you deeply thirst for. That desire is what God put in you; he said: “i have put eternity in your heart.”

You desire a great life of satisfaction, peace, unconditional love so why don’t you receive this life and it is only in him JESUS CHRIST the one, the only Messiah that saved the world no Buddha no Allah no any other can give this LIFE, life eternal. Tell me about “another” god that died in humanities place, that took their sin & wrong upon himself? in your place. Tell me.

This life is full, it is great, it is what i needed, it is what you need. Do you know that man was created to live forever, do you know man is Gods best creation. Created in his image. Death was never supposed to be apart of Mans life, but man did what only what man can do and that is sin so God came down saying “I am not putting up with this, I am going to save you and give you life life eternal.

Do you know how long it took death to take adam out and he lived for more than 900 years so why don’t you receive this life and realise who we are supposed to become. We are champions of God, were his sons. So we declare & decree that death has been defeated, death has been abolished we don’t have to worry about anything that is not of God.

But we get to live as living sacrifice unto him HOLY & PLEASING. So I declare unto you this life is available, this life is yours, this life is pleasing receive it today. do not wait, do not delay: IT IS IN JESUS CHRIST.

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