Good day all, I hope you guys are having a great day today. Boy I am having a great day, I have just finished praying in the spirit and I am full in the spirit. I am writing this blog listening to this song by Martin PK- called “Nothing is impossible” and its a powerful song. I have had it on repeat since yesterday and it has really ministered to me. Check him out in the link below, he is an artist under the BLW music artists.

Now that I have shared what my favourite song on the month is to you, let me share something powerful with you that I have discovered and that has changed how I see my ministry as a believer to the world and those around me. So my topic in this blog is loving beyond the church and into the neighbourhood. Those of you who attend the Christ Embassy know that every month we have a prophecy concerning the new month and new year as to show us where we are in the spirit, and where they lord wants us to go. So let me share a scripture with you. It is Matthew 5:14-16 AMP: “You are the light of [Christ to] the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; 15 nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good deeds and moral excellence, and [recognize and honor and] glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

You see we are the light of the world as Christians. We are supposed to make a difference to not only each other but mostly to the world. We are the answer that the world, we are what the world is looking for and craving for. They need an example of Christ and that is what you and I are supposed to do. However what I discovered is that most of us Christians are so focused on getting our breakthrough or fixing ourselves that we forget to reach out to the person next to us on the bus or at work because we forget our mandate which is soul winning. I am not saying that we don’t care about ourselves because that wouldn’t help anybody. What I am saying is that whoever you are God wants and desires to use you mightily to help someone else whatever stage in life you are at, spiritually or mentally or status wise.

Here is what I struggled with; I thought that hanging out with non-believers will corrupt me or change me or I will compromise so I want to help some of you that are also struggling with this as well. Make up your mind that you are going to follow God and do his word no matter what. Decide to spend time with God all the time and pray about everything, including temptation to compromise. Study his word and meditate on his word daily. Know who you are, your identity in Christ and your purpose on this earth, so you know who you are supposed to reach and why. Having these in place will help you to know why you are where you are. You will know that God is training you for more and that way through training he will start promoting you into places you never thought possible.

I asked God to give me only what I can handle and nothing less or more- if I cannot handle it yet I ask God not to give it to me yet and I am grateful that he answers my prayers. Then what I do I ask God to help me witness to whoever he sees fit and guess what God will answer this prayer as well. So it is important that you reverence God, that you don’t want to compromise or deny Christ if it came to it. One of the way to build a reverence with God which comes through obedience is loving God more than anything and anybody. Place your wants, purposes and desires to God. If God tells you not now for that thing that you desire, believe that he knows what is best for you and he desire the best for you.

Once I knew my purpose I started realising that God desired and put me in situations where I could get trained and at the same time be open to getting to know the person next to me so that I can share Christ with them on a practical level. Now I will be honest when I started doing this I was so religious that it was a put off even to myself when I look back. I was to raw and too bold and out spoken that people around me weren’t not ready for it. I did not know how to witness through humility and wisdom but we thank God that he had mercy on me anyway and helped me to grow because he saw that my heart was in it.

Jesus says that if you love me you will obey me- I am stressing this point of not compromising because you do need to be spiritually alert because the devil will use even your good intentions against you and your weakness. So be prayerful, loving, sweet but be ready to stand up for God when its time even if it means you will get in trouble. Now, you can stand up for God in many different ways, and you can do it kindly, and with respect. So with guidance from the church and wisdom gained from it you can witness and win souls on a regular basis without compromising. Now, God has had to test me in this area greatly when it has come to the things that I have been through. He has rebuked me for gossiping, for talking about others because I was in an atmosphere of people that did the above on a regular basis and to them its normal. I had to repent more than once and asked God to help me and continue to ask God. You see you have to desire his ways and his will more than you desire your own.

Okay I have shared quite a lot on this so now its talk about how you can and should love beyond the church and into the neighbourhood. For years I have noticed that God introduced me to a lot of different people and I noticed that they liked me and a lot of me were drawn to me. I did not understand a lot of what I know now but I realised it was a spiritual thing. There’s so much light and glory on us as Christians that we don’t see that we forget why people want to be around us and are attracted to us. However I noticed that the more I preached the gospel and prayed for people the more God used me and started promoting into positions I was not qualified for.

So I want to share something profound with you and that is we are supposed to reach and go out to those in our neighbourhoods. People are hungry for a move a real move of God through us, and God can use me and you mightily if we ask him this one thing and that is: “God make me a Soul Winner today.” Pray that prayer for a month and tell me if we wouldn’t have met a lot of people that need Jesus. You see the problem with us sometimes as Christians when start thinking that our goodness will be corrupted or it will be less than if we meet people that are not as holy as we think we are, or people that don’t do or act the way we think they ought to be or act and we miss the opportunity to minister to them. We start to keep people in sin away from us when they need us the most to minister to them so God can do a mighty work in them. I am not saying we can help everyone but you can help those that come to you especially if you have prayed that prayer that I talked about earlier.

You see Matthew 5:14-16 says that we are a city that cannot be hidden. Let me deal with the word city for a moment. When you think of a city, you assume that it has things in there that keeps the city going. From hospitals, to churches, schools, to restaurants, to shops, government authorities, to gas stations, coffee shops, libraries and many more. If Jesus describes us as a city, it means we have everything we need to feed the world, to help the world that comes to us. It means we are supposed to be united and work together to help those that come in. You are the light of the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden- meaning you stand out without trying. You don’t have to beg for attention because the attention is already on you by the holy ghost who refreshes you to be attractive to non-believers.

That’s why walking in love, sharing hope and faith with others around you in a practical way makes other wonder why you are the way you are. However, what do you do when someone who we might consider a sinner comes into your life, let say they mean no harm, but they do things, or act a certain way that you know is not right. You know what most Christians do? they will stay away from that person or worse try to correct them to no avail. I have found out that people are suffering deep down in their soul and have many things going on their lives and you will find them opening up to you and they won’t know why. That is not the place for you and I to judge but for you to listen and do something about it. Now, it takes wisdom, sometimesyou might just need to listen and pray for them secretly on a regular basis, and there are others that you can share the word with and it will be a seed that is planted into their hearts.

The reason why I am saying this is because I have also had to grow in this area. I have been tested by God one on one about judging someone. I have met an incredible people that are not Christians, people that have inspired me, loved me and helped me to grow in the cooperate world. I have met people that I have shown me more love and respect than some Christians that I know very well. I have people that see who I am spiritually and they are not Christians, they compliment me, appreciate me and it has amazed me a lot. Then I realised it something that God showed me and that is darkness needs light and that is me and those in darkness can tell that you are different and special.

I also realised something else and that is Jesus came for those in darkness, He came for those that were different to him so he could save them. Jesus changed lives of many people and he forgave them for so much. Jesus had friends that were not equal to him, friends that acted wrong and had an ugly past. Furthermore, in the old testament God used all kinds of people that were not qualified and he changed them, loved them from their sin to where they were following him. In-fact it was the potential he saw in them and the love he gave them that caused them to see themselves as he did. Jesus  used peter who denied him, he used Paul, an ex murder and many more. If God loves sinners and loves people that are in the world and that he sent His only Son to save them who are we to judge people because of what they do or who they are or were in the past? I admit, I have met an incredible person, someone who I can say is one of the best people I have ever met and they have an ugly past so my view of them was changing. God had to challenge me to continue to see that first person I met, not their  sin or their past but as a child of God.

To love the soul, the spirit on the inside of them. It did not mean that I didn’t share my views on certain things because I did but through this experience I have learned how to truly love this person and by doing that I have been fighting for this person in prayer. I did not realised how much potential and how special this person was until I started praying for this person on a regular basis. Sometimes I would cry non stop in prayer for this person then at time I would get aggressive in the spirit and prophecy over this person. Then it hit me that God really loves this person, I realised there’s a grace on their life that God wants to help them through me. I realised they were telling me things not for me to judge them but for me to help them through the spirit and through prayer as well as sharing the gospel with them and I have done such a thing.

You see Jesus did not just stay in the mountains praying and being spiritual, but he moved through the neighbourhoods helping, feeding, and healing others that were oppressed. You see Jesus came for me and you and now that we know him we go into the world and do the same thing. He did not judge, but he had a solutions for people and those that weren’t willing to listen he let them go and we can also do that. People that are doing wrong things already know that they shouldn’t be doing it, but what they need is another way they can live, they need solutions and answers to their problems not judgement and Jesus did it so well.

Jesus stayed on course to this mission which was to save the world and to make us sons of God- but on his way to the cross he stood up for people that couldn’t stand up for themselves, he loved them, he corrected them, he healed them, fed them and shared the word with him. People followed Jesus because he had solutions for them. He showed them that they can do more, he spoke to the potential on the their inside of them but he did not compromise his destiny or purpose, rather he shared his mission with those that were willing to listen and follow him. Jesus invested 3 years on the souls that followed him- not 3 weeks s or 3 months, until they were ready to go out and win others as well and that is what we are supposed to do as well.

Look at Johns testimony concerning Jesus in John 1:14 its so beautiful and it describes what I am saying in this blog: “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. We saw the glory with our own eyes, the one-of-a-kind glory, like Father, like Son, Generous inside and out, true from start to finish.”

Isn’t this scripture amazing? Now that I understand how we can minister to people, this scripture means everything to me because Jesus dwelt with those that needed help, he healed them, corrected them without judge them and it is a beautiful way to win souls but also to show them the love of God and that is what I want to share with you. It is the secret. It does not mean you cannot express yourself about what you do and don’t do but I do it appropriately and as I am led to. I am saying those things to you so that you to provide a solutions and to help the person through prayer so that God can reach them. This is where you can win souls easily, yes its an investment and it takes time but it will be worth it to know that you and God have won a soul into the kingdom.

The more I have allowed God to use me like this I have noticed that my sphere of influence has changed and it is growing to where I can influence and inspire more people. That’s why I am in positions that I am in now in church, my personal life, and in my career where I have meant influential people in the cooperate world and I know that God has put me them to minister to them, to pray for them, to love them, to sow seeds of faith so that one day they will know God. The fact that I have developed some relationships with non-believer has helped me to realised that people are lovely, that if we just accept people for who they are we will realised how beautiful and loved they are to God.

These are just thoughts that I have shared with God, thoughts that have helped me to deal with something news or things that I thought I couldn’t handle but God showed me to give them to him in prayer and to do my part and he will do the rest. I hope this blog has inspired you as much as these experiences have helped me grow into the soul winner I am becoming.

I love you guys

Written by Sarah Kiki Nyanzi

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