He walked daily with his most prized most possession.
In the cool of the day, Man and God always walked together.
Talking, Laughing, Singing
Adam’s meat was the word of his father.

All Adam knew was love.
Love of who?  The father.
Mankind were friend’s with God
Adam’s first love was God Almighty.
God was Adam’s first Love before Eve ever was

Yes man’s first love was God before woman.
But you know God is a giver, He is a sharer.
Adam was so satisfied, full in the love of God.
That God wanted someone else to experience this true love.
He made an introduction

Eve was daddy’s princess
Created in His Presence!
Eve knew who her father was, she was beautiful in God.
His presence was her make up.
Yes she was needy in the lord her first and only true love

Eve’s first love was the lord himself.
Yes she was satisfied in God before Adam.
Beautiful, curvy, joyful in the lord.
No wonder when Adam saw her: all he could say:
“WOOMAN!!hmm!! This is the born of my born and flesh of my flesh”
Adam biggest attraction to Eve was his father: Pappa God.
Because she was covered in his presence


Mankind’s value, worth was in their daddy Pappa God.
He is your first love too you know
God desires to walk with you daily.
I’m talking to you, His son, his daughter.

He is so in love with you and me
Look at how much he loves you that he made you is home.
Oh how close he wants to be to you and me.

But we don’t come from the first Adam you see but from the second Adam.
Meaning that what we have is even better.
Jesus our lord is an example of intimacy with the father.
All he knew was pleasing the father whom he was deeply in love with.

Jesus was found and was thus mighty in the love of the father.
He knew without a doubt that God would raise him up.
What manner of love is this?
That trusted God beyond death.
We know what it is, it is called the real love, the love of God.
The only love that gives us life

That gives us boldness, security.
It gives us beauty for ashes.
He is our ultimate first love.
He who watches over you never sleeps nor takes his eye off you.

He is so in love with you and me.
Give him all of you
He is your first love.
He is your only true love.
None other compares to this.

This Poem written and owned by Sarah Nyanzi

Written by Sarah Kiki Nyanzi

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