Hallelujah (It is Perfectly Complete): Psalm of Praise

My mouth is continually opened singing your graces.

My eyes are also opened for i am a witness of your goodness.

Even in when it rains I will sing Hallelujah.

When the fiery furnace is turned up 7 times, my mouth will sing hallelujah.

Yes he died and he rose again.

We are seated in him in victory.

Our being lives to worship you jesus

For you are a mighty risen saviour.

Hallelujah for your beautiful love.

Thankful for your great kindness.

Yes for your passion.

For you reign for evermore

Your light reaches all.

Your beauty amazes me.

Thats why I shout Hallelujah.

In challenges you will be praised.

In joy you will be praised.

In promotion you will be praised

In loss you help me worship

In love you challenge me to love harder.

My hallelujah to my mighty King

How my being is made for you

For i am alive to worship you.

For my spirit is one with you.

Your goodness surpasses all

All the praises are yours forever more.

My hallelujah to you my lord

King of my heart, King of my dreams.

King of life, You are alive me in

You live forever more.

Mighty Warrior you rose.

You live so I do.

You reign and now so do I.

Jesus i love you

King of my Heart.

You are my Hallelujah.

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