My testimony: Beautiful Encounter.

The sex, the drugs, the parties, the alcohol couldn’t satisfy: one thing I still lacked.

I tried religion, but it left me empty, one thing I still lacked. I lacked a saviour who created my soul, who destined that I receive love from him and in him alone. Searching in relationship after relationship but they couldn’t satisfy me you see. Weed made me forget my pain for a day or two but I had to continue taking it.

Sex satisfied my body for a moment but my soul and spirit longed for a something greater & sweeter. Alcohol changed my mood for a moment but the pain in my soul resurfaced in the morning. Darkness, Broken, Misunderstood. Trodding through Life questioning: “what’s wrong with me, and I repeated what’s wrong with me. Sprinting away from God not knowing he was right besides me, how I was missing out.

Finally at age 20 in May 2012- my soul had stopped fighting what it really needed. Because Drugs couldn’t do it, sex & relationships couldn’t do it, alcohol couldn’t do it. Make up covered it up for a time and religion failed miserably. Neither of them had the right shade to clean, heal and paint my soul the right colour and that colour was his love and his saving power. Finally I encountered a name like the woman with the issue of blood had longed for.

A name that was not moved by death, depression, anxiety, self hatred or confusion. A name that explained everything to me. This name made sense. This name is JESUS. I found out that Jesus truly loved me. That I am not what my sick soul at the time told me. He was the living water that quenched 20 years of thirst. Yes Jesus touched me with his liquid love and told me that I am HIS. Yes I found out that he knew me before I was born and loved me. He is my beautiful encounter.

I was his precious baby girl whom the world had lied to. Together we move hand in hand everyday and I can boldly shout: who dares come against She whom the lord loves? My heart beats with his now, He is my air, my king. Only he could satisfy me. Only he could help, only he could make me God righteousness. He approved of me before I did. He accepted whole of me and declared me WORTHY Worthy Worthy.

What about you? What have you tried but it has failed. What state is your soul in…? Only Jesus can satisfy and give you a new life that is full of absolute success, joy, and a purpose worth pursuing. Yes the search can be over, because Jesus is one you have been looking for. Today I can boldly say I am success, today my soul is in love with my saviour, today I am his WOMAN of God and We Are riding on together in every situation, every challenge and in everything beautiful.

I had my encounter with the only saviour of the world, it’s time you have your ours.

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