#itstestimonytime. #seedtimeandharvest. Now days I am always smiling, or rather in my spirit i have an awareness that God loves me and that i will make it no matter what. On my #lunchbreak this past wednesday it was quite chilly and it is really starting to look alot like autumn. Then i remembered the pain i have gone through every autumn.

Autumn to me was always a season of heartbreak, death of relationships, pain and me always making through life my own way. It was a place of shame and of rejection. So as i was walking in the area where i pray, i remember how i felt last year: Broken, hurt, missunderstood and confused.

I remembered how my heart has been raptured so manytimes every autumn…but this year it hasnt been like that. I have been happier, i am whole and i have changed into an independent woman. Then revelation hit me…the lord declared through our man of God Pastor Chris that its our month of #SPRINGTIME and the Holy Spirit said to me…”you are no longer in autumn, you dont belong in lack, you dont belong in death, not in loss.

Thats not your position in me.” You see i became so used to loss that i expected it, that i got used to having things go or a relationship end and expected the devil to take it. However the lord has told me theres no need to think or see life like that anymore.

Because although its autumn in the natural…athough things are dying…in the natural that is not my position in the spirit. I am in a season of life, of harvest, of growth, Flourishing of beautiful great remationships, change and planting. Then i remembered my #HLC seed that i sowed about two weeks ago. The lord told me to sow a seed.

He should me that everything i need to be in alignment and in my life is in my #higherlifeseed. He gave me an amount and i didnt know how i would do it but he has gotten me through without struggle and still have plenty left. What i am trying to say is not believe your experiences believe God and his word.

I know it gets tough at times and the enemy wants you to think that something is wrong with you but let me say this: you are royalty, you are his elected one and he loves you. So if you havent yet registered you still can through this link: https://www.axs.com/uk/venues/101444/the-o2-london-tickets.

God is ready to do a change in your heart, he is ready to help you overcome. He is ready to touch your heart and to heal you. You are not in the realm of death, or lack. You are spiritually right now in the realm of life.

So i am heading to the o2 to celebrate my new stance and revelation. The devil doesnt have a hold on me in that area anymore. That stronghold is broken in the name of jesus. I declare victory and strength in my life. I thank my God for loving through the storm.

The devil is a liar, if its not in Gods word reject it because you are in a season of springtime. I love you guys. Stay hopeful. #stayhopeful #spring #autumn #season #life #nomoredeath #greatrelationships #ministry #book #marriage #wife #husband #children #loveworldUSA #Tv #travellingminister #loveworld

Written by Sarah Kiki Nyanzi

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