Purest Love: Dearest Husband

Theres a love thats so pure.
It touches your very core and leaves you wanting more.
Its a love that loves beyond emotion.
Its a love thats deeper what i feel yes beyond this world.
Its birthed out of the spirit.
Its a love that introduces you to to beauty of another persons soul.
This love knows your very core.

It runs like a river into your soul and heals every broken place.
That life and beauty come out of you, pouring out of you to the world around you.
The way I love you is beyond me.
This love is teaching me how to love you. It guides me, it has found me.
This love has chosen us.
It met us, what beautiful honour & beautiful grace I been given to love you.

You are a friend to my soul
You see straight to my spirit and you keep pouring this love to me.
My friend, more than a lover more than a husband you are my soul mate.
This love is birthed & breathed by the spirit. Its God ordained. It is destiny. It was written by the spirit in eternity.
Loving the God on the inside of you has and will always be my greatest honour and accomplishment.

Theres a love I feel for you that grows everyday.
Its make me better everyday
It challenges me in every way.
It has raised the bar.
It has always been you hubby & it will always be you.
My heart is so full yet the next day my theres more love to give you. This love chose you for me.
It teaches me how to love you beyond emotion, beyond circumstances, beyond reasoning.
This love hubby is indescribable
Its beyond emotional, lust, its beyond making love which very sweet, its deeper than the soul, its spirit to spirit ordained.

Baby I was made to be loved by you.
I was made to be in your arms.
You are my home, my safe place.
Its funny because I haven’t started loving you.
Because Theres so much to this love
Theres so much to cover, there are so many facets to it.
It has no beginning, no end.

I pray to God I never stop loving you.
My prayer is that I live forever so that I have enough time to experience this love God has given for you.
That I live until we go into eternity so that I can express it to you everyday.
I respect you beyond the fickle.
You are the best MAN I know.
Did I the mention FINEST.
The way you look at me makes me melts me.

You are the greatest man I know baby.
In your arms I am my most beautiful.
Being held by you is indescribable.
You handle me with so much care
Protecting me always, YES I am more than this earth, worth the son of God.
I know I am your greatest gift
You impress me with trying.
You inspire me beyond words. You are inspiration.

Creative in ways that are beyond this world, how can i not wanna make love to you forever.
You are beyond talent, you are Spiritual, you are heavenly
My husband, my friend, my soul mate, my beautiful Man.

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