Reside, Overcomer, Anchored, Reach

Reach in mercy
Reach in hope
Reach in faith
Reach in his love

You are not tainted because of the pain you’ve gone through.
Nor are you less than but actually he trusted you with more

No it was not God sent but God used. The strengthener is roaring on the inside of you

No no this will not be you the end,
It cant be because Jesus is your friend. Nor do his kids receive spoils
But are roaring forth with eternal fire

No matter what; I speak life to you, hope in you. It is emerging and it will continue

Yes your faith has been stretched,
But hold onto him baby, and let his Strength in you be unveiled.

You will make it this season.
Yes a loss has come and you are in a place of desolation
But fruit is coming, water is going, rain is about to fall, for in you stands a sustainer and a creator

Move with him, run baby with him to a place of quietness. He whispers SECRET PLACE

Put your brokenness in his hands and let him rebuild your heart.
Yea let him take you by his hand to walk you through this

He is a strong warrior roaring though you. Cutting through the enemy like what what

Roar along with him, remain and emerge through this because of his strong love.

His love & word will not fail
Regardless of the raging seas.
But Like Noah you will float with peace

Yes he is the fourth man with you in this fire,m. No you will coming out smelling like smoke but you will go higher.

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