Good day all, I hope you guys are having a great day this Sunday. I had the most amazing experience with God this morning in prayer and worship during church. I have been listening to this beautiful song from bethel music. It is called “the King of my heart” and I first had it at this years David’s Tent and I loved it. I remember

Me at Davids Tent-Putting our tent up–She is a beauty

one of the worship leaders read the scriptures that struck my heart and reminded me to keep the lord as my first love. Check it out in the link below as I have been listening to it non-stop since Friday and it has helped me to look at the following scriptures Psalms 34:5, and Psalms 34:8 and as a result I had a powerful worship moment with God in church today. I know to some it can looked like the person is emotional but it was a very spiritual experience because I felt like he exposed me to his nature, his goodness.


I was literally in his presence and I saw and felt how good he truly is. God is so good and I encourage you to check out those scripture, meditate on them and you will be amazed to see how good he really is and check out the link below to the song I am talking about.

He says to you in psalms 34:5 and verse 8: “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame… Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Don’t you love these scriptures? They are amazing.  So, anyways as a lot of you know I went to David’s Tent 2017 and I have to say it was amazing. I was confront with what worship meant to me, and who Jesus really was so I am going to share with you what I have learned about worship and how I contribute to it.

  1. Remember your first love

This was the first thing I remember or the spirit told me, was not to forget him. He reminded me to fall deeper in love with him and not to ever stop. I found out that loving God doesn’t not have a limit. That every day we can love him more and more. I was reminded not to get too busy and to distracted with life that I stop developing my relationship with God. God is so good that he corrected me with love and with desire to know him more and to love him more.  The scripture that he reminded me to meditate on is this Mark 12:30 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”  So I encourage you to fall in love with God, to spend time with God and let it go beyond your emotions but let it be something you have in your mind, soul and spirit. 

2. Persevere in Worship 

This one was really interesting because David’s Tent is an event with 72 hours of worship. So they were times when I felt tired; my feet hurt; my hands were tired; it was very hot and very sweaty in the tent but looking at other people and seeing the hunger that these people had for God. I knew I had to grow deeper in the lord, I was hungry for him, I wanted more of him which is why I came to David’s Tent. I wanted uninterrupted time with him so he was giving me what I wanted. So I learnt to worship not from emotions, not from feelings and just wanting a high, but from desire, and knowledge that he his my lord who created me, and designed me to worship him. I learnt to look at scriptures that matched the worship song that was being sang at the time. It caused me to worship him by listening to the words and matching it with scripture so that by day 2 and day 3, I had gotten used to standing for hours because God was training me to worship him because of who he is not because of how I feel.

3. Worshiping God from his Word. 

This was really profound for me as I mentioned in the last point as I learned to persevere in worship the lord led me to use his word often and throughout worship because God and his word are one. So, I found myself looking at my bible- reading scripture and meditating on what I felt the lord was teaching me and telling me about me and himself and about his son, his nature, his purposes and many more. That’s something that many people talked about, the beauty of his worship with knowledge. Every time a song was sung, the Holy Spirit led me to scriptures that were similar to the songs and I can say that I really got to know God a lot more. So after a session on abiding in the secret place which talked about worshipping God with his word. I was so touched and so inspired that I started reading and meditating on his word a lot more. It something that we all know we need to do but sometime we forget, because it is easier to just enjoy the emotions of worship, but what is more powerful is worshiping him when you have had experience with his word. So I found that I desired his word more, I desired alone time with his word, so that when I worshipped him, it was with knowledge and experience as well as revelation. So I was not just worshipping him, but the words meant something to me because I had was experience with his word, it was alive to me, it meant a lot to me which leads me to the next point.

4. Worshipping with Authority 

This was the biggest revelation and one that had the most impact on me. As you see in the video below I was watching these amazing worship leaders and I must say I loved the way they worshipped. I saw an ease, and joy, and a care free worship moment that was shouting AUTHORITY to me which maybe I lucked. Amanda Cook especially inspired me because every time I watched her I saw power all over her, I saw authority and a worship from knowledge of who she is and who God is and it was amazing to see. I knew I desired it and I wanted to have that kind of power. Then I am reminded that she was able to do that with knowledge. So her and Steffany were jumping around, with hands in the air because they ALREADY HAD THE VICTORY, they knew something and that was his word and it inspired me to use the rhema and revelation about God and to worship him from that point of me. This requires me to think about him, to meditate on his character and his word and the revelations he has given me.


For example, the scripture, oh taste and see that the lord is good will cause someone to shout, cry, dance and jump which shows authority to the devil because you know that God has you covered and that you are a victor no matter what and it is in that moment that things are changed. I realised I don’t have to rebuke and shout at the devil although there is a time for that but you are worshiping knowing it is already done which gives you an authority and a radiance that the devil cannot touch you. So, I have started studying more of who I am in Christ so that I can pray, preach and worship from that knowledge which produces victory and peace in me but also in my situations and circumstances. So now when I pray, I know that I have authority that when I declare and decree something I know that it is already done because I am his child and he is my daddy and has given me authority. So the word of God shows and gives you the authority to do life in purpose, love, relationships and many more. The more I see who I am, the more I want to worship him, the more I worship him, the more I moved to know who I am in Christ, the more power and authority I see that I have in him. So I encourage you to study and meditate on his word, think and speak it all day long and apply it in your everyday circumstance and situations and you will be the victor that God says you are. I hope this blog has inspired you to love God more, to worship him more and to fall deeper with his word. His word is so beautiful, it is mine and your life, it heals, restores, encourages, corrects and builds you and me. Therefore once you see what the how much the word has helped you then worshipping him wont be difficult. Others, will wonder what it is that is making you shout, making you cry, making you fall down on your knees, so I encourage you to try it out. Thanks David’s Tent and God for teaching me life.

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Written by Sarah Kiki Nyanzi


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