I am the temple of God.
Wait wait.. I am the home of God.
So the lost need not to look further for God.
Glory to be God… Because he lives in me
So that means I am holy.
Which means that my body is also holy!
So if I am holy, and my body is holy, it means I should take care of myself.
Wash me with the finest soap; eat food and exercise to keep it strong,
Dress excellently like queen that I am.
God dwells in me…so that means he needs me, if he needs me, then he chose me.
So God approves of me,
So I am very special, I am of high value:
That means I should walk, talk and be treated as such
I am the temple of God…
Does that mean that anyone that I meet is blessed?… Yes Glory to God
So love and joy come out of me abundantly.
No wonder he said I am the light of the world
So I shouldn’t engage in unholy activities.
It means my body belongs only to whom I marry.
Wow glory to God my body is sacred;
I am the home of God. I am a queen
Papa God is my Daddy
So I am loveable, God lives in me, He accepts me, he enjoys me, He chose me.
So wait what does this mean?
It means that I belong to God and I am not my own.
I am beautiful because I am the home of my Father.

This poem is inspired by 1 Corinthians 6:19: KJV “What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are of your own.” I wrote this poem some time in 2015. It was after I ended my engagement back in September 2014 and I had received enough healing to reflect on my value. I realised I needed a greater understanding of my value and it was that lack of understanding that led me into yet another purposeless relationship in the first place. This poem is to encourage a man or woman to keep themselves totally pure on to the lord in a relationship. To ensure they surround themselves with others who have boundaries regarding sex and who respect them and their bodies. It is to encourage you to enjoy your right to say no until marriage and to feel completely free to do so without guilt, because your body doesn’t belong just to anybody, but to the lord until you guys are not married. I hope you enjoyed it.

Written by Sarah Kiki Nyanzi

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