Superheroes We Are

Holy beings populate the earth.
They display great works by their exceptional kindness.
In your cities they are shining and beaming with Joy.
They’re easily recognised because they are LIGHTS

Superheroes we are, and the world is ours for the saving.
First Class Creatures, his best ILLUMINATION.
Not like DC or Marvel, our origin is God Almighty.
Yes, that’s right the creator of the universe.
Built by him to aid the nations.
Our victory was always destined.

Superheroes they are for our masses.
Yes, Saviours in every region. Their LEADERSHIP brings many to heaven.
These are Ministers with a high calling.
Kings come to them for clarity and understanding.
Far and near they came to their brightness.

Superheroes we are, and our outfit is the fruit of the spirit.
Our strongest weapon is JESUS in our mouth.
The love of Jesus is our greatest motivator.
It keeps the world warm in winter and cool in the summer.
We move from place to place endorsing his righteousness.
Healing the sick, raising the dead
Yes we,re moving in SIGNS AND SEASONS.

Superheroes we are, and Heaven is our home.
With sweet worship of Cherubim and Seraphim.
Colours so radiant; pearls so pure;
Now that you know who they are.
Look for them, they are all around you.
Ready to save and EMPOWER you,
Ready to bring you home.

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