They came to the world for a short time
The world: full of darkness, sin and misery
But their kingdom is that of divinity
Off he sent his sons to the world so they could boast
Of Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost
Their angels were not given such honour but only to assist
This is the ultimate mission, one that should not be missed
In them they have Zoe; which is life as God has it,
Encouraging the sinner: “this is what is available to you, don you get’’?
They are a vehicle for Christ;
These are the sons of God and through them Christ became the world’s delight
In their mission’s fields, the will of God is the only meat
Because declaring the good news of Jesus Christ is the only thing that keeps them fixed
Even angels do not have such a quest
One that puts the sinner into God’s rest
They say Jesus is the way to the way the father and their only entrance
In Christ, they show the world its Godly inheritance
In businesses, at schools, in your neighbourhoods, they show the world how it is so absurd
Through God’s Wisdom which is his word.
This is their mission; this is why they are here.
To make sure that Christ and the kingdom of God is heard by every ear
They are foreign and not of this world, they are just passing through.
They are on honourable mission one that is good for you.

This poem was written from the youth conference we had around the end of February 2014. I wanted to write something that will inspire others in knowing their identity and their mission on this earth as God’s children. This is one of my favourite poem because it is for the edification of the saints and it is to also encourage you.

Written by Sarah Kiki Nyanzi

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