There are two path ways but only one I see
It is full of light and life
It brings forth joy and contentment
As I walk there, there’s more joy
The beautiful oaks are on my left and my right
Waving their multiples hands in the air. Bearing forth great fruit
Bringing forth their own light
These are my brothers and sisters. Heirs of righteousness
Their leaves are many and each brings forth different virtues.
With different colours on their leaves I see forgiveness and love.
On the other side of the trees I see joy; I see the fruit of his spirit
We were all transferred from the path of darkness to the path of righteousness.
Walking with him is life itself.
Without him I had no life
Every step we take the light shines more and more.
It gets better and better.
Life itself is him. As for me I am blameless in his sight.
I am continually warm; safe is his presence in which I abide.
Protected for his presence repels darkness.
On this path I grow, my character reflects his more and more
This walk is the best.
It is one that I love and enjoy
Walking with the lord is everything.

This poem is inspired by Proverbs 4:18. I wrote this poem when I had moved out of my parents’ house from November 2013. It was a lonely period in my life. I was overcoming an end of a relationship and trying to rebuild my relationship with the lord because back them whenever I was in a relationship with someone, my relationship with the lord always took second place. I look back now and I see that the lord hadn’t started to deal with me yet with my issues. I guess he knew I was still not ready because more was to come that I was going to experience. However, proverbs 4:18 showed me the path that I am on as God’s daughter and helped me to focus on seeking the lord daily and staying on the course, on the path of his word.

Written by Sarah Kiki Nyanzi

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