What Capacity — A Psalm of Honour

He amazes me
My God just Amazes me
His heart so large
His mercy is inexhaustible
Lord what Capacity you hold Jesus
Yes, lord it is undeniable

When my heart is heavy
You gladden it.
When wars are raging
Your peace reigns.
How do you remain so undisturbed?
How do you have such great space?
Jesus what capacity you hold my lord.

When my emotions were unreliable
You make me unmovable.
When my soul felt desolate
You rubbed your healing balm of joy on it.
Yes, it’s because of you that I am glad again
Ohh, lord what capacity you hold
My excited soul keeps asking

For nothing is too small for you
And nothing is too big for you
You fight for me when I don’t
Your capacity amazes me
You move me when I won’t
Your kindness is always allows me to be
Yes, you are Big
Yes, you are great

Your Capacity cannot be measured
Yet it can be enjoyed,
Your capacity is so large
And my life is within it.
Jesus you are my love
The way you love me has no end.
Now, I am a person with great capacity

As long as I know you
As long as our hearts are one
My heart leaps for joy for I have a God with such great capacity
My heart is glad again because
You’ve kissed it with your grace and its full of ecstasy.
Lord what Capacity.

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